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Next meeting will be Tuesday, August 14, 4 pm

Annual WBW Barbeque

Cuesta Park Mt View - Group Picnic Site #1
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Upcoming Events

Sunday September 9 2018
Hosted by Silicon Valley Woodturners
Sam Angelo
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Tuesday September 11
WBW meeting
Sharpening by Mark Koenig

Friday - Sunday...September 14, 15 & 16...2018
Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium
Loveland, CO
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Past Club Meeting:

Shapes and forms by Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers

Jim reminded us of the importance of shapes and forms to the look and acceptance of our work. He provided a review of work from earlier times. It is amazing how well the principles of form were understood from an earlier time. We have different perceptions of the sames art pieces, but basic principles are constant. The 'Golden Mean' is basic, but do we make measurements?

Click here to see Jim's summary of design elements. It is worth a review.

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Past Demonstrations

Trent Bosch - Wood Sculptor/Turner
Saturday May 19 2018


Trent is a master of wood turning combined with the artistry of carving and decoration.
He turned a hollow form which he carved to look like a flower bud into which he inserted an internal piece using boiling water and balloon trickery. Hollowing was done using a camera and video monitor to locate the cutting edge inside the piece.
He turned a platter, the edge of which he carved using a variety of air driven cutting, grinding and sanding tools.
He turned a bowl, the side of which he decorated using another variety of tools.

Demonstration photos are here. There are a large number but they are in sequence of the demo.

Rudy Lopez - Production Woodturner
Saturday March 10 2018


Rudy did three turnings.
He turned a crotch with wings. The outside of the log became the inside of a bowl with natural edge. The three branches of the crotch remained turned thin
He turned a tall goblet with long thin stem. Starting with a branch he finished with natural edge rim and base.
He turned a large goblet also with natural edge rim.
See demonstration photos here

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