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Annual Club Barbeque
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Program: Bob Bley will lead a demo on sanding

Wood auction
Tool sale/swap

Location: Fred’s house
165 Harcross Road, Woodside


Upcoming Events

Saturday October 7, 2017
Sally Ault
Production Woodturner
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Past Club Meetings:

July 2017 meeting: Members' favorite tools


Asked to bring "your favorite tool" we saw a variety. From the more traditional, but very servicable, hand held cutting tools, to the more unusual powered high speed carving and routing tools. It was a good to see what others are doing.


June 2017 meeting: Chucking options

 Bob BleyPhil Ecudero Tom Kenyon Claude Godcharles

How does one hold a piece for turning? A simple question with many answers especially when trying to finish the bottom of a piece mostly completed using a standard scroll chuck or faceplate.
One big question: 'Should I use a vacuum chuck or a jam chuck?' This will be answered by the preference and the pocketbook of the turner.
We also saw Cole jaws, Longworth style chuck, donut chuck among others.
Thank you to those who particpated and demonstrated.


May 2017 meeting:
Filling cracks with crushed stone by Bud Trapp

Ice cream

Quite often, cracks become a big problem for the woodturner. But what may be a disaster can become a feature by filling with crushed stone. The process becomes one of selecting the stone, sizing it, preparing the crack, adding the stone to the crack, cementing the stone and grinding it to a suitable surface. Thank you, Bud for a comprehensive review of the process.


April 2017 meeting: Ice Cream Social

Ice cream

Ice cream, tops and show were the focus of the April meeting. We don't often have enough time for informal discussion amongst us. So this meeting was an opportunity. The show focused on jigs and fixtures but also included some fine turnings. The top spin-off was great fun. Richard winslow won the "donated top" spin-off.


March 2017 meeting: Footed vessel by Claude Godcharles


There is a way to add interest to the bottom of a turned piece by creating feet. The outline of the feet is done by turning an outside profile. Create a bead between the body of the piece and the lower footed area. Then turn the inside of the footed area, similar to the inside of a bowl. Finally the feet are freed by cutting away unwanted material.




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Past Demonstrations

Don Petit - Saturday April 29, 2017


On April 29, Mr. Don spent the day with us discussing bandsaws.

We spent the morning covering how to tune up the bandsaw. Everything from blade selection to crowning the tires. By lunch, we had a smooth operating saw. One tip we all walked away with was use BladeCoat.

After lunch we covered the jigs that Don is selling. The jigs are made for easy customization to fit any bandsaw. Helping with resawing, circle cutting, as well as making it possible to cut repeatable curves for things like Justin Beaver demonstrated for us a few years ago.

See demonstration photos here


Derek Weidman - Saturday April 1, 2017


The demonstration was held in the SVW shop at the Santa Clara High School. Derek surprised us by asking what animal we wanted to make. Among local choices, the bobcat was chosen. For those doubters among us, it seemed an impossible task. Starting with a block of wet Maple, Derek shaped the bobcat. Constantly remounting the piece, turning away some wood and remounting again, the piece took shape. Visualizing where to cut and how to mount to make that cut was an art. Each mounting was a nerve wracking experience because of concern that the piece would become air borne. But, it did not. Derek was particularly carefull in placement and locking of the headstock and tailstock.

See demonstration photos here


Brad Adams - Saturday October 29 2016

Brad Adams

The demonstration was held at the Bridges Church. Brad focuses on bowls and hollow forms with emphasis on esthetics. The wood he uses either attracts interest in itself or is decorated to create that interest or both. The demonstrtation was much about process, the how to, the descrition of tools and equipment. But it included actual turning demonstration. If you do it right, it goes quickly and easily with good results.


Sharon Doughtie - Saturday July 30 2016

Sharon Doughtie

The demonstration was held at the Bridges Church. She did no wood turning, but instead she showed us how to create Celtic knots and to do specialized carving. The Celtic knot is an interesting example of artwork to grace the surface of a woodturning. Sharon is an expert at creating the outline and implimenting it by burning and she showed us how. Much time was spent discussing the burning tools and describing and demonstrating burning the design into the wood. Additionally she demonstarted power carving, an example of which was the carving of feet on a bowl.
See demonstration photos here


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