Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 9, 7 pm

Harvey Klein - Christmas Ornaments

President's challenge:
Do a Trent Bosch turning
See his demo photos here to give you some ideas.

Location: Bridges Community Church,
625 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos


Upcoming Events

Thursday - Sunday...October 11 - 14...2018
2018 Segmented Woodturners Regional Symposium
St Louis, Missouri

Tuesday November 13
WBW meeting
Program: Barry Uden - natural edge with bark
President's Challenge:
Sam Angelo's gilt or metal reactive paint on a turning

Tuesday December 11
WBW Holiday dinner and party

Past Club Meeting:

Mark Koenig on sharpening


Mark gave us a tutorial on sharpening.
What kind of wheels are used?
What angle should the gouge be ground?
How does one measure that angle?
There were many questions answered if one listened carefully.
See Meeting photos here



See more Past Meetings in the archive here

Past Demonstrations

Sam Angelo - Sunday September 9 2018


Sam's presentation was mostly about decoration. He described and demonstrated techniques such as:
-Faux gold metal leaf application
-Metal reactive paint application
-Use of gilt cream
-Texturing using various tools
-Use of dye to color from the inside of a closed form bowl

Demonstration photos are here. There are a large number but they are in sequence of the demo.


Trent Bosch - Wood Sculptor/Turner
Saturday May 19 2018


Trent is a master of wood turning combined with the artistry of carving and decoration.
He turned a hollow form which he carved to look like a flower bud into which he inserted an internal piece using boiling water and balloon trickery. Hollowing was done using a camera and video monitor to locate the cutting edge inside the piece.
He turned a platter, the edge of which he carved using a variety of air driven cutting, grinding and sanding tools.
He turned a bowl, the side of which he decorated using another variety of tools.

Demonstration photos are here. There are a large number but they are in sequence of the demo.

See more Past Demonstrations in the archive here