Next meeting will be our annual BBQ

Date: Tuesday, August 9

Silent auction & sale: starting 3:00pm

Food: 4:00pm

Wood raffle & sale: 5:00pm

Location: Jim Laflin's home
18582 Allendale Ave, Saratoga

Upcomimg Events

Professional demonstration:
Sharon Doughtie - Saturday July 30
Hands on workshop - Sunday July 31
Her website here - demonstration flyer here

September meeting: 'Chatter on the lathe' by Jon Sauer
President's challenge: Sharon embellishment

October meeting: 'Hollow Form' by Dennis Lillis
President's challenge: Example of chatter

Professional demonstration:
Brad Adams - Saturday October 29
His website here

November meeting: 'Bow ties' by Claude Godcharles
President's challenge: Hollow form

A schedule of major national events click here

Past Club Meetings:

July 2016 meeting: Jon Sauer - Chatter


Chatter is the process of creating a symetrical pattern on a wood turned piece. The pattern is typically created on the end grain (but not always). A tool, created for the purpose, is held in a certain way, with the lathe turning at a certain speed. Jon treated us to many examples of pieces treated by chatter. Among those were perfume bottles and other pieces beautifully turned on his ornamental lathe and further decorated by chatter technique. Demonstration on a lathe will be done at a later time.

perfume bottles


June 2016 meeting: Bob Bley - Natural Edge


After showing many of the pieces he has produced, Bob took us through the process of turning a natural edge bowl. Starting with a raw blank, he first shaped the outside then the inside. Of course the non-uniform edge presents the biggest challenge. With finesse and proper presentation of the bowl gouge to the natural edge, Bob pulled off a great presentation and ended with a nice looking piece. He discussed the option of using a strobe which was the subject of a previous demo.


May 2016 meeting: Gordon Peterson - Turning stone


Gordon de-mystified the the turning of stone by telling us how stone turning differs from wood.
Use carbide tools. An inexpesive set may be purchased from Harbor Freight.
Do scraping only.
Collect the dust. But he said the dust is not as bad as usually claimed. A simple collector is sufficient.
Alabaster is the stone of choice but there are other options.
Stone is available from several sources. See his list here.


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Past Demonstrations

Ashley Harwood

Ashley Harwood
Sunday April 10 2016

Ashley Harwood is a good study on technique. She provided detailed instruction on all aspects of bowl turning. Tool grinding and angle, standing, holding the gouge, tool selection and other aspects were covered. It was good instruction and good review for advanced turners. Interesting how every professional has his/her own method of grinding. Pieces turned during the demonstration had good finishes, requiring only light sanding before finishing.
See demonstration photos here

Eric Lofstrom

Eric Lofstrom
Saturday February 20 2016

Did you make it to Eric Lofstorm's demo? If you didn't, you missed a a good time with several projects. His tool control, particularly the skew, was definitely impressive. He started showing us "the dance" and comparing the body motion to Japanese woodworkers. Unfortunately, it is a very hard motion to duplicate. He then turned a top, using just a skew, but one with his grind. He showed us a cheap homemade chatter tool, and some SeaHawk coloring. Next on tap was a lidded box, with a really nice feel for the lid. All this in the morning! Two more projects wrapped up the afternoon.

See demonstration photos here

John Beaver

John Beaver
Sunday November 15 2015

John brought us into the world of wave vessels. He created and in clear detail showed us how to create such vessels. Turning the rough vessel appeared normal enought. But then he showed the the fixture used to hold the work on a bandsaw. As part of the demo he cut the wave with the saw, showed how to return the piece, re-assemble and finish. Wow!

See demonstration photos here

Glenn Lucas

Glenn Lucas
Saturday Oct 12 2015

Held at the Bridges Church in conjuction with the Silicon Valley Wood Turners.

Glenn Lucas is from Ireland, a production turner who uses Beech from the Irish woods. His demonstration consisted of turning a plate and a bowl mixed with a slide show, video, comprehensive discussion of tool sharpening and a good dose of Irish talk and humor.

See demonstration photos here


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