Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 10, 7 pm

Holiday party and gift exchange
Setup 5:30 pm
Appetizers 6:30 pm
Pot luck dinner 7:00 pm
Gift Exchange
Ornament Raffle
Location: Sunnyvale Seventh Day Adventist Church
653 W Fremont ave, Sunnyvale


Past Club Meeting:

November 2019 -
Christmas Ornament Bird Houses by Dennis Lillis


Bird houses have a sweet look that make them perfect for ornaments... and...Dennis showed us how to do it. Round a piece of wood, shape it, hollow it, create a roof ridge line and you're done...almost. There are options of color, snow, hangers and birds to name a few.
A series of photos seen here shows more of how he did it

bird house
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Past Demonstrations


David Ellsworth
Demonstration Saturday October 19 2019

David Ellsworth

It is always a treat to have David Ellsworth show us 'how to'.
Some might call him the father of modern woodturning and he has the look.
His works have been included in the permanent collections of forty-three museums, he has written numerous articles and books and he is the founding member of the American Association of Woodturners.

During the day, he turned three pieces.
A bowl allowed him to show us in detail how to use the gouge with the Ellswort grind.
A natural edge turning gave us a look at the fine points of dealing with the edge.
A hollow form allowed him to show the use of his famous hollwing tools. But this hollow form was different...a natural edge hollow form. Who ever heard of such a thing!
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David Ellsworth Hands-on Class
Sunday October 13 2019

Eight SVW and WBW members had an opportunity to spend a day with one of the AAW founders and one of the finest turners you will meet, David Ellsworth. David explained his grind, demonstrated the different cuts he makes, how he makes his tenons and why. He wrapped up showing his hollowing tools and talked about his handles. Everyone had a good time.
Photos and commentary by David Vannier


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