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First Aid for Woodturners by Tom Gaston

President's Challenge
Coloring Project using Harvey's ideas

Location: Bridges Community Church,
625 Magdalena Ave, Los Altos


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June 14-17 2018 Portland OR
AAW's 32nd Annual International Symposium
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Tuesday July 10
WBW Meeting
Shapes and forms by Jim Rogers

Tuesday August 14
Annual WBW BBQ
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Sunday September 9 2018
Hosted by Silicon Valley Woodturners
Sam Angelo
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Past Club Meeting:

May 2018 meeting: Coloring Projects by Harvey Klein


Harvey's demonstration was an exercise/instruction in using alcohol based dyes. His idea is to use dyes to decorate turnings, but do it in a spirit of enjoyment. Experiment, try different ideas, use them in an environment of imaginative thinking. There is little harm in mistakes because the dying is reversible with alcohol. He showed us the dying process using several samples. Use gloves to avoid dyed fingers. Use small jars for mixing small amounts and for adding alcohol. Mix colors (remember the color wheel). Different woods take the dyes differently. Try it, you'll like it.

Click here to see Harvey's demo in a series of photos.
See the president's challenge and show and tell here


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Past Demonstrations

Trent Bosch - Wood Sculptor/Turner
Saturday May 19 2018


Trent is a master of wood turning combined with the artistry of carving and decoration.
He turned a hollow form which he carved to look like a flower bud into which he inserted an internal piece using boiling water and balloon trickery. Hollowing was done using a camera and video monitor to locate the cutting edge inside the piece.
He turned a platter, the edge of which he carved using a variety of air driven cutting, grinding and sanding tools.
He turned a bowl, the side of which he decorated using another variety of tools.

Demonstration photos are here. There are a large number but they are in sequence of the demo.

Rudy Lopez - Production Woodturner
Saturday March 10 2018


Rudy did three turnings.
He turned a crotch with wings. The outside of the log became the inside of a bowl with natural edge. The three branches of the crotch remained turned thin
He turned a tall goblet with long thin stem. Starting with a branch he finished with natural edge rim and base.
He turned a large goblet also with natural edge rim.
See demonstration photos here

Carl Jacobson - Sunday November 12, 2017


Carl Jacobsen is a prolific YouTube purveyor of woodturning videos, with 166,825 subscribers and 24,486,933 views since April 2007, with projects spanning the interest of beginners to advanced turning.
Carl showed 'basket illusions' using a beading tool, wood burner tool and playing cards.
He made an automotive shifting knob from spalted wood with an over spray paint chip turned into a highlight.
Finally he turned a lidded box. He showed clever techniques for holding base and lid to turn the ends.
See demonstration photos here


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