Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday September 21, 7 pm at Bridges Church
  Turning bottoms - not limited by a tenon - by Bob Bley
  Show & Tell
  President's challenge:
  Make a calabash form, as shown by Kirk Deheer

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As always - guests are welcome
To inquire - email guest@westbaywoodturners.com


Monthly Meeting Recap:

Wednesday August 3 2022
August Picnic - Hosted by Silicon Valley Woodturners

August BBQ

The annual picnic/BBQ was hosted this year by Silcon Valley Woodturners. The turnout was good, the food was good and the display of turnings was worthy of study. Once again Ceasta Park was a good venue and we enjoyed the time in a casual atmosphere.

See photos of the turnings and members
Photos compliments of silicon Valley Woodturners.

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Recent Demonstration

Kirk DeHeer - Sunday August 21
at the Santa Clara High School


Kirk is an experienced turner and instructor who has been a Resident instructor at Craft Supplies USA for more than 15 years.

His topics covered:
• Demystifying cuts and catches
• Calabash bowl
• Square bowl with lid

He did these and also did a bonus, a tree, demonstrating wrong way turning creating an interesting effect.