Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday January 18, 7 pm at Bridges Church

  Extended Show and Tell, with focus on the gift exchange
  pieces that we gave each other at the potluck
  Bring back the item you received, and if the maker
  is present we will enjoy more details on the making of it

  President's challenge:
  "Your secret weapon" : a tool that saves the day in a
  tricky situation

Bridges Church map

As always - guests are welcome
To inquire - email guest@westbaywoodturners.com


Monthly Meeting Recap:

December 21 2022
Holiday party and gift exchange



A long standing tradtition is the holiday dinner, gift exchange and ornament raffle. The festivities started at 6 pm and ended later with a bunch of well fed and happy gift receivers and rafffle winners.

Hoiliday party photos


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