Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday October 20, 7 pm
In person at Bridges Church
President's challenge:
       A painted turning (prefer milk paint)
Expanded Show & Tell
Nomination of officers (President and Vice-president)
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As always - guests are welcome
To inquire - email guest@westbaywoodturners.com


Monthly Meeting Recap:

Monday September 13
Milk paint demonstration by Kalia Kliban


Kalia Kliban is a woodturner/artist who uses milk paint extensively to embellish her turnings. Milk paint provides a hard durable surface but should be topped with a clear finish.
Kalia showed images of finished products indicating the pleasant look that milk paint provides.
She mixed a smal batch from powder, then applied to a surface. She showed how interesting effects can be produced with textured surfaces. She showed examples of some of the products she uses.

See images from the demonstration

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